One Man Movie (OMM) is a short, 6-8 minute action flick that is being made entirely by myself. I'm doing the writing, directing, acting, editing, music, graphics, and promotional stuff with no help from anyone else. And no, I did not build the camera from scratch, write the software, create the fonts, effects packs, nor the characters clothing. Those are all props and tools. What's a man without his tools? Despite the the short length of the film, it will be weeks (months?) from now before it is completed due to the technical craziness required in order to have multiple characters played by the same person coexist and interact on the same screen. It shouldn't be a problem though. Just time consuming. This blog will follow my day-to-day experiences on developing and releasing the film, mainly because I need SOMEONE to rant to so I don't leak it to real life people. I started the project in early September, when I wrote the story and created the musical score. From then until late September, I fleshed out the story, collected props, and finally bought a slightly better camera. Filming began in late September.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday 12/26 - Farewell

A while back, I checked my earnings to learn that Google "estimated" it in half, so I never got any payment. I'm pretty bitter about the fact that they screwed me over like this.

But I finished the movie. It's pretty awkward and cheesy, but it's finally done and I'm glad.

I'm sure I won't get shit for it from real life friends and acquaintances, but I can reassure myself that it's at least better than anything that anyone else they know will ever make. But maybe I'll get lucky and I'll earn supporters and other people to work with, so I can make better, multi-person videos in the future.

And on a positive note, my video I had to make for government class was very well received, and it was the only vid that the teacher showed to all of her classes. But hey, my classmates were kinda forced to watch that.

Oh, and this girl in my class forcefully paid me $20 for helping her boyfriend with a video project. Apparently he would have failed had I not intervened. Hurray.

anyway blah blah


You guys were awesome. I enjoyed reading all of your blogs and I learned a ton of stuff. But it's just too time consuming to do this every day. So farewell all, see you in another life brotha, sayonara, et cetera.

-Whatever my name was on this blog (I forgot)