One Man Movie (OMM) is a short, 6-8 minute action flick that is being made entirely by myself. I'm doing the writing, directing, acting, editing, music, graphics, and promotional stuff with no help from anyone else. And no, I did not build the camera from scratch, write the software, create the fonts, effects packs, nor the characters clothing. Those are all props and tools. What's a man without his tools? Despite the the short length of the film, it will be weeks (months?) from now before it is completed due to the technical craziness required in order to have multiple characters played by the same person coexist and interact on the same screen. It shouldn't be a problem though. Just time consuming. This blog will follow my day-to-day experiences on developing and releasing the film, mainly because I need SOMEONE to rant to so I don't leak it to real life people. I started the project in early September, when I wrote the story and created the musical score. From then until late September, I fleshed out the story, collected props, and finally bought a slightly better camera. Filming began in late September.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 10/22 - Too Confusing

Today was great. I talked to one of the kids who made the video where I learned about that place. Awesome! They go there all the time and park in front and everything! Great :D

and I have almost no homework.

But noooo, I got paranoid about this trespassing business. I looked up trespassing online and it's really illegal anyway, despite how "abandoned" it is, because apparently even "abandoned" property is owned. Apparently people still own their property even when they don't pay taxes on it. And then these people don't care care of it, which just encourages trespassing because people think it's abandoned, and blah...

So I go there anyway, because being a depressed miserable blob for the rest of my life feels about equal to the prospect of getting arrested, at this point, so I might as well take the risk of checking it out.

But I got there and there was an SUV parked outside. The vehicle had an NRA (National Rifle Association) bumper sticker and some other silly stickers like that. I bet the guy would shoot me if I went in there. Especially if I had my fake guns with me. Ugh.

so depressing

I'm going tomorrow morning. Early. I'm parking a mile away and walking there. I'm gonna film, too, after I explore. I will do it all in the same trip and improvise.

doing things alone is so hard.


  1. Don't park so far away. The worst that will happen is for someone to ask you to leave. They'll only get extreme if you're an ass.