One Man Movie (OMM) is a short, 6-8 minute action flick that is being made entirely by myself. I'm doing the writing, directing, acting, editing, music, graphics, and promotional stuff with no help from anyone else. And no, I did not build the camera from scratch, write the software, create the fonts, effects packs, nor the characters clothing. Those are all props and tools. What's a man without his tools? Despite the the short length of the film, it will be weeks (months?) from now before it is completed due to the technical craziness required in order to have multiple characters played by the same person coexist and interact on the same screen. It shouldn't be a problem though. Just time consuming. This blog will follow my day-to-day experiences on developing and releasing the film, mainly because I need SOMEONE to rant to so I don't leak it to real life people. I started the project in early September, when I wrote the story and created the musical score. From then until late September, I fleshed out the story, collected props, and finally bought a slightly better camera. Filming began in late September.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday 10/6 - New Motivation

Since I started filming, I've been eating lunch at school in the art room, to stay away from the stupid kids and the sunlight (glare) outside, while I edit on my laptop. Thankfully, my buttshit crazy art teacher from last year (who thinks I'm buttshit crazy in an insecure puppy-like way, though I'm really just regular crazy) only allows students she trusts inside during lunch, so I've gotten a lot of time to edit the movie while I'm at school.

This one nice chick that I know from random hallway encounters last year, has been hanging in the art room too. We finally exchanged names today. Her and her friends are pretty cool, and they're juniors, which is a rare combination. (Many juniors are worse than my fellow seniors, and have been since they were freshmen).

Anyway, we talked about the movie a bit, and I showed them some of my special effects demonstrations (not unlike the first post on this blog when I upgraded it). They sound kinda interested, and it made me happy. The one I've known for a while actually seems interested in doing movies with me. Maybe she'll end up being the second member of FoodstuffsFilms once I finish One Man Movie... I hope so, I'd love to have a team for future projects. I hate making all the decisions.

It felt great talking to them, and they're my new motivation. After school, I came straight home and re-shot and re-edited some clips. All that I've shot today has been flawlessly integrated into the movie. yessss.

So here's that split-screen clip I promised two days ago. The music isn't integrated yet, and there's some sound things I need to work on.

And the sun's still up (albeit setting). Time to look for filming locations for the next segment. Peace.


  1. Sounds like me! I'd rather sit in the lab and eat while I look over programming code. *high five*

  2. as towelly would say im so high.

  3. hmmm yes it does seem a little awkward...

  4. Glad you found a place to work in peace and even got some inspiration, motivation and probably a future team out of it all. The clip was very good and I look forward to seeing more from you.

  5. Dude, way to go getting some film-groupies. I think you know what to do from here. (Ask one of them out)

  6. Very very interesting...kind of left me wanting more...

  7. Awesome clip - feed us some more?

    And what is better than peace and quiet? Peace and quiet with girls!