One Man Movie (OMM) is a short, 6-8 minute action flick that is being made entirely by myself. I'm doing the writing, directing, acting, editing, music, graphics, and promotional stuff with no help from anyone else. And no, I did not build the camera from scratch, write the software, create the fonts, effects packs, nor the characters clothing. Those are all props and tools. What's a man without his tools? Despite the the short length of the film, it will be weeks (months?) from now before it is completed due to the technical craziness required in order to have multiple characters played by the same person coexist and interact on the same screen. It shouldn't be a problem though. Just time consuming. This blog will follow my day-to-day experiences on developing and releasing the film, mainly because I need SOMEONE to rant to so I don't leak it to real life people. I started the project in early September, when I wrote the story and created the musical score. From then until late September, I fleshed out the story, collected props, and finally bought a slightly better camera. Filming began in late September.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday 10/16 - I think I've found it!

In the last post, I tried to find a filming location, one that was used in a YouTube video by a kid from school. I had no luck with getting the information. I asked a friend who lived around the area where I believed the location was, and he had no idea. But just a while ago, I logged onto Google Earth to look for it again, and I'm positive I found it!

What's great is that it's a little closer to where I live than expected, and it's just off a road that goes right by my neighborhood, so I can pretty much drive straight there. Tomorrow I'm gonna drive down there and check it out. The problem is that, well according to Google Earth, it appears to be part of a landfill or like some of mine or garbage processing plant... or something. There's some huge landfill-like holes and a ton of cranes and conveyor belt things. My biggest concern is that this place is still being used and that they'll kick me out/call the cops. My other concern WOULD be safety, but I'm always safe and I'm not gonna be walking where I can get hurt.

Anyway, gonna check it out tommorow. I'll post pics... just for kicks :D


  1. finding a film location is always hard. back country is awesome for it.

  2. That's great! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. just found your blog! pretty awesome stuff here.

    gonna follow you, if you ever have some spare time, check my blog will you?

  4. Hope it is what you have been looking for. Maybe you could ask the people who own it if you could use it for filming your movie. That is if there is anyone sill using it or not.

  5. Are you planning to make a film or dispose of the mutilated bodies of prostitutes?

  6. interesting post man i like it