One Man Movie (OMM) is a short, 6-8 minute action flick that is being made entirely by myself. I'm doing the writing, directing, acting, editing, music, graphics, and promotional stuff with no help from anyone else. And no, I did not build the camera from scratch, write the software, create the fonts, effects packs, nor the characters clothing. Those are all props and tools. What's a man without his tools? Despite the the short length of the film, it will be weeks (months?) from now before it is completed due to the technical craziness required in order to have multiple characters played by the same person coexist and interact on the same screen. It shouldn't be a problem though. Just time consuming. This blog will follow my day-to-day experiences on developing and releasing the film, mainly because I need SOMEONE to rant to so I don't leak it to real life people. I started the project in early September, when I wrote the story and created the musical score. From then until late September, I fleshed out the story, collected props, and finally bought a slightly better camera. Filming began in late September.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday 10/24 - More than Hope.

Last night, I shot the control room scenes in my house, that I've been meaning to do forever. They'll take some time to edit, but once it's all done, it should be another 1 minute completed. 2 out of 7 minutes, guys, that's like almost 1/3rd done!

And I think I found a new replacement filming location. Of course nothing will ever beat the almighty abandoned mine, I will instead film at some old sheds behind the place my mom boards (keeps her horse) at. The old lady who lives there knows me, and I know I can certainly get permission. I spent many summer mornings raking up weeds at this place (still haven't gotten paid, though). This is also where I filmed the split screen/car explosion scene that I keep re-editing and re-posting here.

Aside from that place, there is also a neat little location under a bridge where I will film some of the scenes towards the end of the movie.

Now for content!

How's my green-screening and texture-making look? Good? Good, 'cuz my acting and writing sucks :P


  1. I'm sure if you keep looking you'll find somewhere better than the mine.

    The guy in the background looks like my the head admin of my TF2 community though.

  2. looks a little weird u can kinda tell somthing is there

  3. No way thats fake background?? Dood I am so looking forward to this.

  4. Looks pretty good to me. You can kind of tell its a green screen being used but not as bad as I have seen in other movies with a much better budget and such.

  5. You've had to go from an 'abandoned' mine to the back of some sheds?


    I'm still sure you'll make it work.

  6. lold that is the future toshiba and mac

  7. Great post! Supporting you! ;)

  8. Showing my daily support!


  9. i gotta say i respect what youre doing here. this is not an easy feat by any means

  10. be proud though dude you are doing an amazing project!